Returning to work after a Divorce with Susan


This week, we have a special guest - Susan, who returned to work after 10 years and a Divorce. We are very excited to share her journey of Returning to work with you.

Susan loves spending time with kids outdoors and is a family photographer on the side. She created a YouTube and Instagram channel called The DIY Inspired Mom! It focusses on: Working Mom Life. Photography. Kidventures. Parks. DIY. Inspiration. Food. Culture. Art. Fashion. Design. Travel. Organization. Self-care.

These are some the additional responses, she wanted listeners to know:

Things that everyone should do while returning to work (tips for stay at home parents returning to work):

- make the time to find work. Set expectations that this process may take several weeks or months.
- Practice talking about yourself as a professional rather than as a parent. For me that was difficult since my identity is that of a mom.
- Get some advice. Try to connect to other working parents about how they balance work and family life.
- Think about what you really want to do, whether or be go back to your old career or start something new. And start the baby steps to get there
- Make a job search plan with deadlines - network, update your resume,
- Dont be afraid to be yourself and own it! I started every interview with, “I’m currently a stay at home mom looking to get back into the industry..” and I think it worked to my advantage and showed that I’m driven
- Dont be afraid to ask questions
- Don’t burn bridges, keep in contact with your colleagues
- Money is money, it can be made later, but you can’t get back the time that was wasted.

Susan's experience on how initiative, would have helped her

"I think having returnships would have helped tremendously. I know so many SAHM hoping to get back to work but not sure where to start. Some people wonder if their skillsets and experience are adequate anymore or if they need to return to school to get a job. I feel stay at home parents are probably better at most jobs since they know how to prioritize and multi-task" - Susan

Welcome to our podcast show for returnships, returned to work initiative. Today we are going to talk with Susan, who has returned to work, and she's gonna take us through her journey for struggles and everything necessary that she needed to return to work. So let's hear it right from Susan. So then they want to go ahead and introduce yourself. Hi, my name is Susan and I just returned to work after just being divorced and realizing that I need basically my own job so I can create my own insuance in money. I was a stayathome mom for about ten years and I am now working at the job that I was at ten years ago. For it took time off to raise the kids. So, Susan, what are some of the struggles you saw while you were trying to return to work? I would say some of the main struggles is just being up to date on the current processes, procedures and programs. So for me, it was ten years ago since I was last working a full time job and things have turned to have change a lot in... industry and have turned from paper to digital. Well, I also want to add that I also work in the construction field. Okay, are there any other struggles that you particularly saw? Yes, well, now that I'm back to work, I also realize that when I'm at work, I think for me it's easier to focus when I turn off my mom brain and my personal life and then just focus on work and I'm at work and then basically just turn off my work bring when I'm at home, so that way I can focus on the kids and the things have to do at home. I think it helps to establish clear bandoise so that you know and can define your home life and your work life. God, I'd been the specific age odd this experience, the need issues that you solved why we were trying to return to work. Yes, so also, I mean, since I haven't been there for ten years, I feel like most of my peers are almost like half my age now. So it's a struggle just being with people who are...

...a lot younger than me, all who are all too doing the same role as me, when the people who are my age are also my bosses. So it's just kind of like this weird in between spot. God, God, who's on where if you draw your information from for returning to work? It's funny ask that so basically, I kind of had a life changing moment the day I finalized my divorce papers. I was stuck in the ear for about two days and vomiting for a week from a stomach blue but my doctors think is mainly stress induced from the divorce. So I basically purged everything out of my system and lost ten pounds in one week and then the next day I almost had this spiritual awakening of some sort and just started looking for a job, like something inside me just told me to start looking for a job. So I started that working and contacting my old colleagues and bosses that week and within a week I landed a few interviews. So that's kind of how started, like me just networking with people that known and I also started updating... guys to me and creating a linkedin account. Well, I am honestly inspired by hearing your story and journey. That's awesome that you you kind of took charge of your life and you went for the role that you're looking for, the life you're looking for. That's that's really awesome. I'm sure, like the business, absolutely like taking their way. By the amount of dedication in the world, they're dy of quoting like awesome, Suson, that's awesome. You're definitely a dock star thinking. Yeah, I felt like at the time is almost like sink or what was the quote again? But like basically either fail or you like strive to do be successful, and I couldn't. There's just no way I wanted to fail at this. So I just, you know, shot for the stars. That's that's awesome. That's that's definitely the spirit we need in twenty really one. Definitely all right. So,...

Susan, what do you wishing you are the time while we were returning to work. Guess, for me, I mean, if it wasn't so time critical, I wish I had taken some time off to myself to take a break and like kind of like let things fully sunk in instead of rushing to find a job. So, basically, I was divorced in December and I accepted that job in December and then I started working in January. So it was almost like no times of process what actually occurred to me. So I went from, you know, being the works of December starting work in January and then covid hit in March and then that whole year was just kind of crazy because then resulted in me homeschooling and remote learning for the kids and working from home as a single mom and also processing the divorce all in one year. So it was just a crazy year last year. So I had wish I had kind of taken some time off for myself. I guess currently not initiated for the downships. We definitely offer resources for therapy and like life coaches,...

...and also got your coaches. So do you think having the source like that at the time would have been helpful? Oh Yeah, I definitely for sure. Like I mean, I didn't even know where to start really. I mean I knew that I also I want to look for a job, but I also needed to heal from what happened. So I wish there was like more resources available at the time besides just networking figure out what I had to do for myself. So I think that would have been helpful. That's definitely very, very useful to know and I'm sure for the listeners there are so many people who are in the same boat as you, but you have go on ahead and your or things, your life for the better. So this is very, very helpful for the listeners kind of understand your journey and how things have proceeded. That's awesome, all right. Thank so what are some of the things you think people should do when they are turning the work? That's some tips I have. Is, don't be a Fay task or... system for help. I think one of my biggest advantages is that I have my mom available to help watch the kids while I'm working. So that was like a big help for me to have her easily there to watch the kids when I need to like leave. Another thing is don't be fair to ask questions, especially when you're just returning to work after like a long period of time. It also shows your employers that you're interested in learning things. You know like the right way versus like maybe a more tedious way that you knew a long time ago, so that's also helpful. Another thing is also don't don't bring your bidges with your old contact. Just keep in contact with all of your colleagues from the past, because you never know when you might need them as a work reference in the future. And then another thing I've been thinking about is to like money is money. You can always be made later. So but like the time that you've spent, you basically can't get your time back, so just focus on the time rather than the money in...

...the future. Thank you so much, Susan, for providing this advice to people. I think this would definitely help people to be like a rock star, as you are. Thanking so, tell us a bit more about yourself and what do you do currently? Are there any hobbies that you're pursuing aside from work? I spend a lot of my time with my kids and we're usually just kind of like checking out different parks on the area or doing some home activities. So I started a new website, actually on Youtube and Instagram, called the DIY inspired mom so if you get to Cha any questions, you can email me at the diy inspired mom at gmailcom or find me on Youtube and instagram and you can see all our weekly adventures on that. Wow, that's awesome. Yeah, definitely check out Susan's new Youtube Channel and I'm sure that she has some amazing tips for mom specifically. Yeah, thank you... much, Susan, for joining us today. This was so excellent hearing from you and learning all about how all of the things that you have done has helped towards it. You would have gotten this ahead in your journey. With our current initiative, returnships are info, which is helping, say, your home parents to get back to work, we're giving out all these these sources for free to all of the people that I think I would have helped like tremendously, because right now it's like, I mean, I know so many stay home parents who are basically waiting for the day that they can go back to work. But then, since they've been out of the game for so long, they just don't know where to start and they feel like their education or skills, skills that might have changed. So I think just having the resources that you offer would help them kind of steer their direction, is, to what they can do to, you know, like land that job...

...and focus on themselves for a while instead of focusing on others. Thank you. I mean, I am glad that this is able to like help out all the people out there. So all the listeners who are listening, please check out our website, www dot return ships dot in for. We also have a facebook page called internships are in for where we post educational materials and job posting, so free every day. So feel free to like, like it and shared it with somebody who can get the help all right. Thank you so much, Susan, for joining and thank you for a tuning and and listening to us. We would be bringing in different stories. You'll hear hear different stories of different returners who have successfully returned back to work and hear about their struggles, their journey q and ad and subscribe to the Sandal. Thank you, thank you, Susan, and thank you everybody. Thank you very much.

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